Rob Fusi has been an automotive enthusiast since the time he could hold a key in his hand. He began with a respectable collection of Matchbox cars, moved up to pedal-powered cars, several go-karts, 3-wheelers, and 2 stroke dirt motorcycles. At age 14, Rob was given a 1972 Datsun 610. It was a horrible dark brown/green color, and nearly every panel on the car was dented. Rob lived on a fair amount of property, and this is where he learned to drive a stick. The Datsun was a fantastic field car; and Rob practiced 4 wheel drifts and donuts everywhere. There was also a dirt track on his property to aid in learning the art of car control, along with a deep burn pit; that he always avoided well, almost always avoided. The car also served as a combat vehicle during paintball games on the property. It was clearly a very fun car and time in his life.

Rob looked towards the future, and he could not wait to get his license at age 17. Preparing for the momentous occasion at age 16, he purchased a 1966 Mustang Convertible, which was partially disassembled and came with numerous boxes of random parts. With the help of his father and friends, he restored the Mustang over 1 ˝ years from the ground up. Although this was a great accomplishment ending with a beautiful car, he knew that he was looking for a car with higher overall performance.

The next stage in life was college at Lehigh University. Driving time was greatly minimized while at school, but Rob purchased an uncommon Merkur XR4Ti for commuting to school and spirited drives. You may remember this odd little car with the bi-wing on the back…it always seemed very James Bondish. Nevertheless, the desire for speed and exhilaration was ever-present, and was partially satiated with a Honda CBR600 motorcycle for riding to class and for jaunts around the Lehigh Valley. It is amazing how much performance (acceleration) is derived from such a relatively inexpensive vehicle.

Upon graduation from Lehigh, Rob purchased a Porsche 968. The 968 exhibited the next tier of performance and introduced Rob to the Porsche Club of America. At his first PCA meeting, he met Charlie Boyer. Charlie quickly sucked Rob into the black hole of motorsports, although Charlie would argue that he took Rob "under his wing." After autocrossing and a track event at the now defunct Bridgehampton, Rob was hooked.

Although the 968 was a very capable car, Rob wanted a project and a Porsche that was more track-dedicated. He decided to sell his beloved Mustang and add another Porsche to the stable. After a great deal of searching, a friend helped him find a pristine 1977 911S in Continental Orange/Black in 1998. Rob immediately began modifying the car and transformed it into a relatively lightweight and capable autocross and track car. Currently, the car has a modified suspension, aerodynamics, cooling, wheels, and interior, but it anxiously awaits a nice 3.6L engine. The meager 2.7L was rated at 158hp when new in 1977, and the 911 longs for more power (Okay, maybe it's Rob that longs for more power). The engine and brakes are the last stage in the metamorphosis, and we hope to have it completed by the 2004 season.

In an attempt to minimize Rob's growing collection of cars (which consisted of the 911, the 968, a Toyota Camry, and a Jeep Wrangler, as of summer 2002), Rob sold the 968 in October 2002. The Wrangler has also been passed to other hands, and the Camry is his current daily driver. It is slated to be replaced by a Boxster sometime in the spring, and he will have only 2 cars to manage.
Rob continues to participate regularly in various track and autocross events, and he's a very active GTC member. See the gallery for videos of him on the track.