Ken’s youth was dedicated to sports, specifically swimming, where he spent every spare minute of every day working out in pursuit of his goal to make the Olympic Trials. This obsession started when he was 7 and retired at the age of 21 falling 2 tenths of a second short of his Olympic Trials dream (btw I never would have been fast enough to make the US Olympic team…. that’s like going from Club Racing to winning LeMans). Anyway what does this have to do with Porsches? Well my days as a swimmer molded my competitive nature and in 1998 while working for a major telecommuni cation company I got into a conversation about buying a new car with a few co-workers. One of these co-worker’s enthusiasm around cars was contagious especially Porsches. We got to talking about the cost of buying a new car vs. a used Porsche and before you knew it I was on the hunt for a 1987 – 1989 911. I made a deal with my wife that if I didn’t spend more than I would for say a VW Jetta, I could buy a 911. She agreed but said I would need to do this prior to the start of the New Year 1999 (at the time my car had died and I was borrowing my mother-in-law’s Buick LaSabre) .  In December of 1998 (just under the deadline) I purchased my first Porsche, a 1988 911 Targa (nickname Beluga – come to track and see why) with 47,000 miles on it and the obsession began.



At this point I will tell you the co-worker mentioned above was Charlie who quickly talked to me about Autocross and Track. Since this car is my DD I was hesitant to take the car out, but I did and the competitive nature from my swimming days was reborn in Autocross.  This is also where I was exposed to the GTC Challenge. Then it was the move to Drivers Education (“Track”). My first event was Watkins Glenn in 2001 and my instructor again was Charlie, who taught me the finer points of performance driving. My car is currently stock with a plan to drive it that way until I gain more experience with the performance driving and then move towards a dedicated track car and join the arms race.