"Food Angel"

Charlie and Katie had been dating for three months when Charlie bought a 1986 951.† 9 months later, Charlie attended the Mid-Winter Track Event.† That day he signed Katie up to be his affiliate PCA member so she could attend Driverís Ed events with him.† That spring, they headed to Bridgehampton for their first DE event, where Katieís instructor drove the first two laps of the track with the parking brake on.† Katie knew precious little about cars and how to drive at speed, but she was committed to learning.

Katieís true driving promise showed on the autocross course.† Since she was often the only woman competing in her class, she had to compare herself to the men drivers.† She found that she was catching up and surpassing many of them.† This is something that she continues to do.

Three days before their wedding in 1995, Charlie called Katie with news of a potential track caróa 1974 914.† The engineless 914 that had been bought a few months earlier (which later became Slow White) was sold to Colin (Pesky), and six faithful years with the 914 began.† With the 914 in their stable, the 951 was ultimately sold, but reappeared in the garage as a Christmas present for Katie in 1997 (it was later sold again, this time to John (Goobu).† A 964 was purchased in the fall of 1998, and the Boxster S in the winter of 2002.† With the purchase of the Boxster S, the 914 was sold to Colin (Pesky).† Summer 2003 brought about the 2000 GT Cup Car.† Katie has driven all of the Porsches (save the one without an engine) on the track.† Note that three of their previous cars are still within the GTC family!

Katie runs in the White run group of PCA Driverís Education events.† She drove while 4 months pregnant with their daughter at Watkins Glen and at multiple autocrosses.† From late 1998 to 2002, Katie did not participate in driving events because she was either pregnant or running after small children.† During this time, Katie and Charlie brought their growing family to the track, bringing first child Maddie to her first track event when she was 6 weeks old, and second child, David to the track when he was a few months old.† In 2002 Katie drove at Lime Rock, Watkins Glen, and VIR.† 2003 has seen Katie at Pocono North Course, and Watkins Glen.