Colin purchased his first Porsche, a 1976 914, in the summer of 1995.  The car, nicknamed "Wheezer" had a host of issues including a terminal case of frame rust.

Colin's second car, nicknamed "Slow White" was a much better car.  SW started out life as simple 1971 914 2.0.  Over time, it was upgraded with rear flares, adjustable swaybars, 5 bolt hubs, Carerra brakes, a full roll cage, and much, much more.  Slow White served as a great track car for several years.  Colin sold Slow White to John (Goobu) at the end of 2001.

Slow White in the pits at Mid-Ohio


In the winter of 2001, Colin bought "Pesky" from Jupeman.  At one point, Pesky was a 1974 914 2.0.  Peksy was upgraded by the previous owner with a stock 3.2, an RSR coilover suspension, and 930 brakes on all four corners.  While the suspension is basically the same, the power of this car is quite a bit different than Slow White ( you would expect with nearly 100 more hp).

Pesky going through the bus stop at Watkins Glen

After the conclusion of the 2002 season, Colin decided to do some upgrades to Pesky.  As with all car projects, the initial list of upgrades started out small, but soon expanded.  At the end of the project the upgrades included new paint, lightweight hoods & doors, side door bars welded to the roll cage, a billet intermediary plate and side cover for the trans, a direct gear lubrication system for the trans, a trans oil cooler, rebuilding the 3.2 to ~11:1 compression, new values, extrude-honed manifold, and a mass airflow kit.  The final stats on Peksy were 2119 lbs with ~270hp.

The new door bars

On the lift at PowerTech

Pesky goes to the Dyno

The unveiling at LR

In 2002, Colin bought a new 2002 Boxster S with the M030 suspension, full leather interior, and 18" turbo twists as a daily driver.  It was prefect daily driver, had enough power to be fun.  Unfortunately, the lack of rear seat eventually forced it's sale.


The Boxster S was replaced with a Cayenne S.  While is was alos a great car, er trck, the wife did not like it that much, so now we have a Volvo XC90 SUV.


In 2004, Colin did a few more upgrades to Pesky, added large flares, big wheels & slicks.

Pesky at Mosport 2004

Well, after all that, it did not end well for Pesky.  Colin rolled tha car at Lime Rock, and that was the end of that.  The chassis was bent in spots that never should be bent including the floorboards and the side rails.  The car was parted out, and it was time to move on.

That's not up

Not the best way to come back to the paddock


After all of 6 weeks, Colin decided to get a C2 Turbo.  The car has a race seats, harnesses, full cage, seat back brace (notice how I now list all the safety mods first!), headers, and a full race suspension.  It's much easier to drive than the 914, and more fun too (boost is addictive).

The car was campaigned in PCA club racing D class in 2005, finishing with a 2nd and three 3rds in class.  Not bad for a rookie season!

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