Bob’s long term relationship with Porsche cars began while he was in college (Seattle). Each day, his walk from his apartment to the UW campus took him past the local Porsche dealer. At that time, the new cars were 911’s and 912’s, while most of the used cars were 356s. He purchased a used 356B Super Coupe, and has never owned another brand of sports car! During his college days, he progressed through a 356C, 912, and finally while in grad school, purchased a 1968 911L. That was an interesting car, for it served as the first 911 that he ever “tracked” as he began Regional SCCA racing. That car was followed by a 1969 911S, which a close friend and he raced in Regional and National SCCA races on the West Coast. For some unexplainable reason, they moved to inboard hydroplane racing (you can do that EVERY weekend in the Northwest!), which began a very long hiatus from track driving Porsches for Bob.

Fast forward into the ‘90’s and Bob found himself back in NJ, having owned over 15 Porsches over the years and still having fun with 356s, owning a 1963 356B Super Coupe again and a 1961 356B Roadster, along with a 1996 993.

Eventually, Bob started becoming interested in getting involved in track events again. He purchased a 1997 C2S and decided to try NNJR Drivers Ed events. During his first year, 2002, he was able to attend 6 events and became really “hooked”. In 2003, Bob is planning on attending all of the NNJR events. One of these days, a dedicated track car may come into the picture!