Adam (crewsfactor) purchased his first Porsche in June 2002. He had an obsession for automobiles (especially those of German origin) since High School. Many subscriptions to automotive magazines resulted from this. Screws was Adam's direct link to Porsche racing; first through observing Autocrossing events (Screws driving a BMW 318is) and then the purchase of Screws' 951.

Infected with the desire and looking ahead to the future, Adam planned on buying a Porsche upon graduation of college (assuming employment), but was not sure if he should buy an older 968 or a newer 986. The Screws951 was to have a major effect on Adam's decision later. The Screws951 underwent marathon surgery and caused major headaches for roughly two years (see Screws' bio). Observing and occasionally helping (especially the pesky clutch pin) with the agonizing tear-down and re-build, this experience helped with the future decision of buying a Porsche.

As a result, in June 2002, Adam bought his first Porsche, a loaded 2001 986 with 5k miles. The crewsfactor TBD.
Crewsfactor’s 986 (Screws951 in sleeping under cover)

2001 986 with 5k miles - June 2002

Still infected and looking farther into the future:


"Look for the CrewFactor in 2010"