GTC Motorsports' Custom-Designed 914 Direction Indicator Lens Camera Mount

'CAD Simulation'

As you can see from our below pictures, this product was engineered first and built second, not the other way around like most custom products. This product went through an intense engineering process and simulation.


Front View
Rear View
Stress Analysis

As part of the engineering process the product was developed within engineering software (SolidWorks) and put through rigorous simulations (Cosmos). Clicking on the link below will download a program that will allow you to view a 3D representation of this product and the type of camera lens used.

SolidWorks eDrawing - 3D View - 3.02mb

Click on the above link and then click open. Once the program has completed downloading, it will launch automatically. Once the application is open click the PLAY button. Alternatively, you may also Right Click on the above link and choose Save As. This will allow you to download the program and launch it manually.


This product allows for complete customization of surface graphics. In the example below you will see the second lens that was ordered without a camera lens hole, but our customer wanted a custom graphic.

SolidWorks eDrawing - Custom Logo - 2.43mb


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