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VIR: GTC on the Road VIR: Cold Morning VIR: GTC Lineup VIR: Dressed for Battle VIR: Casualty of War
VIR: 1.5 Wheels Off at Oak Tree VIR: Pesky at Oak Tree with Colin WG: Ags on the move WG: Beware! MClub: Preparing for world domination
GTC Car Lineup at Crews' Wedding Some GTC Tail 70's Day in Jupeman's Garage Watkins Glen Garage (Tracquest) White Rice and the Polar Bullet
Pesky Afterbirth Pesky Pap Smear Twins? Watkins Glen GTC staging area Another Victim of THE MANGE
TQ @ WG - Chickster TQ @ WG - Pesky TQ @ WG - GTC Ass TQ @ WG - Great Pumpkin  TQ @ WG - White Rice



GTC Kart Enduro GTC in Kart Action



Charlie in Pesky at Pocono



1998 - Bridge Hampton 1998 - Bridge Hampton Rob in Action

1999-The early GTC

1999 - Mosport